CLEERS (Crosscut Lean Exhaust Emissions Reduction Simulations) is an initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)  Vehicle Technologies Office to support the development of accurate computer simulation tools for use in the design, calibration, and control of next generation engine/emissions control systems that maximize efficiency while complying with emissions regulations.  The need for such simulation tools was identified as a key barrier to commercialization of advanced high-efficiency engine systems by the DOE Advanced Engine Crosscut Team.

The DOE Advanced Engine Crosscut Team (known as the Crosscut Team) is composed of representatives from automotive manufacturers, heavy duty engine manufacturers, and U.S. government agencies.  The primary function of the Crosscut Team is to coordinate development efforts for advanced, low-emission, high-efficiency combustion engine systems. This role includes identification and prioritization of specific R&D projects appropriate for government funding.

The mission of CLEERS is to accelerate the development of tools for accurate and computationally efficient simulations of realistic full-system performance of advanced combustion engines and associated emissions control systems through the pursuit of four key objectives:

  1. Supporting collaborations among industry, university and DOE national laboratory partners;
  2. Developing and disseminating pre-competitive data, parameters, and models;
  3. Gathering feedback from industry on critical emissions control research needs; and
  4. Coordinating DOE national laboratory research efforts.

CLEERS is coordinated by a committee of industry and national laboratory representatives that report to the Crosscut Team.  The CLEERS Coordinating Committee relies on guidance from funding sponsors at DOE and a committee of industrial and academic advisors in planning CLEERS-sponsored activities.  Those activities include this website, annual workshops, quarterly newsletters, monthly teleconferences, and biennial industry priorities surveys.

CLEERS Org Chart
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DOE Sponsors


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CLEERS Advisory Committee

Wei Li GM
Christine Lambert Ford
Craig Dimaggio FCA
Neal Currier Cummins
John Kirwan Delphi
Balaji Sukumar Johnson Matthey
Louise Olsson Chalmers University
Mike Harold University of Houston
Dick Blint N2Kinetics
Stuart Daw ORNL Emeritus

DOE Advanced Engine Crosscut Team


21st Century Truck Partnership

CLEERS Coordinating Committee

Josh Pihl ORNL
Wei Li GM
Yong Wang PNNL
Jamie Holladay PNNL
Vitaly Prikhodko ORNL
Todd Toops ORNL