Diesel engine aftertreatment "OPERAS" for proper feed gas composition

Naeim  Henein, Wayne State University

The effective operation of the after-treatment devices, needed for the diesel engine to meet the emission standards, depends on the feed gas composition and temperature. The effect of the different operating parameters on NOx , Bosch Smoke Number (BSN), CO, Hydrocarbons (HC)and fuel consumption is determined in a small bore, high speed, direct injection, diesel engine fitted with a common rail injection system,at different loads and speeds. The analysis of the experimental data identified the zones for the “O.P.E.R.A.S” suitable for the different types of after treatment devices. "O.P.E.R.A.S." stands for Optimum injection Pressure, EGR, injection Retard or Advance and Swirl ratio. There is a need for an integrated approach of the control strategies for both the engine operating parameters and after treatment devices to achieve high fuel economy and the emissions goals of the diesel engine.