Hybrid catalysts of ZSM-5/Co3O4 nanoarray based monoliths for hydrocarbon sorption and oxidation

Junfei  Weng, Department of Materials Science and Engineering & Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut

Hybrid catalysts have been investigated in the past to fully utilize the intrinsic properties of comprised individual components and their interactions in energy conversion and utilization, photoelectrochemistry, and exhaust emission control1-3. For example, powder-form ZSM-5 supported Co3O4 catalysts have shown better catalytic activities of hydrocarbon (HC) oxidation than the pristine Co3O4 or Pd/ZSM-5 catalysts4. Recently, nanoarray based monolithic catalysts have shown advantages over powder-form catalysts due to their stronger gas-solid phase interactions, improved mass transport, and enhanced materials utilization efficiency from the unique array structure5. Another monolithic device with ensembles of novel array-structured ZSM-5 film is also demonstrated recently to be a promising low-temperature hydrocarbon trap candidate with higher storage capacity and faster adsorption rate6. Thus, in this work, we integrate the hybrid structure of ZSM-5 and Co3O4 nanoarrays on cordierite honeycomb to evaluate their HC sorption and oxidation performance. The results indicate that these prepared hybrid catalysts function as HC adsorbers and oxidation catalysts with interesting kinetic and thermodynamic synergies between ZSM-5 and Co3O4 nanoarray components.

Key Words:

Hybrid structure; Co3O4 nanoarray; ZSM-5 array; multi-functional monolithic catalysts


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