Experimental procedures for efficient after-treatment model calibration

Maria  Kalogirou, Exothermia

The vast majority of the applied after-treatment models rely on reaction kinetics information that is unique for its catalyst technology and ageing status. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the kinetic rates constant for each catalytic coating with simple yet sufficiently accurate experimental procedures. The same applies to soot oxidation chemistry, which is also a function of the engine technology. The presentation deals with experimental techniques covering small-scale testing with synthetic gas and real exhaust gas and discusses the practical issues associated with measurement procedures and test protocols. Special emphasis is given to the possibility of transferring the results from synthetic gas testing to real (full-scale) applications. Novel test procedures for collecting real diesel exhaust soot and measuring its oxidation rates are suggested. Examples of model calibration using the proposed procedures are presented along with validation results vs full-scale measurements.

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