CLEERS Workshops are annual meetings open to all those who are interested in understanding and simulating the performance of exhaust emission control devices under realistic operating conditions. The Workshops provide an informal, focused forum to:

  • share recent experimental and computational simulation experience with advanced aftertreatment technologies;
  • enhance emissions control research collaborations among industry, universities, and DOE national labs; and
  • identify the most pressing pre-competitive research priorities for emissions control.

Presentations from prior CLEERS Workshops are available below.

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Presentation Title Name Workshop Name
Coupled NO and C3H6 Trapping, Release and Conversion on Pd-BEA Sotirios (Sam) Malamis 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Emission Control Challenges and Opportunities for Hybrid Electric Commercial Vehicles Matti Maricq 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Catalyst Directions for Low NOx Emissions Thomas Pauly 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Fundamental Catalysis Science in the U.S. Department of Energy Charles Peden 2018 CLEERS Workshop
NO Adsorption and Desorption Phenomena on a Pd-exchanged Zeolite Passive NOx Adsorber Josh Pihl 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Passive SCR performance under pseudo-transient cycle: challenges and opportunities for meeting Tier 3 emissions Vitaly Prikhodko 2018 CLEERS Workshop
On-Board Measurements of Ammonia Storage on SCR and Combined SCR Filter Systems using Radio Frequency Sensors Paul Ragaller 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Update on U.S. DRIVE Advanced Combustion and Emission Control Low Temperature Aftertreatment Evaluation Protocols Kenneth Rappé 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Emission Control Challenges and Opportunities for Hybrid Electric Commercial Vehicles Gary Salemme 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Cleaner car exhausts using ion-exchanged zeolites: Insights from atomistic simulations Misbah Sarwar 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Reactivity of Novel High-performance fuels on Three-way Catalysts for Control of SI Engine Emissions Sreshtha Sinha Majumdar 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Practical implications of HC storage and release on SCR catalysts for HDD applications Manasa Sridhar 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Pore-scale studies of ceramic exhaust filters Mark Stewart 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Effect of Reductants on the NOx storage and Release Performance of Pd/CZO Low Temperature NOx Adsorbers Joseph Theis 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Impact of ceria content and sulfur on TWC reactivity and NH3 generation relevant to Passive SCR Todd Toops 2018 CLEERS Workshop
SDPF Performance – A Modeling Assessment of Diffusive Transport Phenomena Johann Wurzenberger 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Throat Unit Collector Modeling for Gasoline Particulate Filter Performance Pengze Yang 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Soot filtration simulation in diesel particulate filter with GeoDict Mehdi Azimian 2017 CLEERS Workshop
Approaching the 150°C Challenge with passive trapping materials and highly active oxidation catalysts Andrew Binder 2017 CLEERS Workshop
Hydrocarbon and NO trap/release characteristics of Pd/ and Ag/zeolites with US-DRIVE Protocol Andrew Binder 2017 CLEERS Workshop