CLEERS Workshops are annual meetings open to all those who are interested in understanding and simulating the performance of exhaust emission control devices under realistic operating conditions. The Workshops provide an informal, focused forum to:

  • share recent experimental and computational simulation experience with advanced aftertreatment technologies;
  • enhance emissions control research collaborations among industry, universities, and DOE national labs; and
  • identify the most pressing pre-competitive research priorities for emissions control.

Presentations from prior CLEERS Workshops are available below.

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Presentation Title Name Workshop Name
Filtration and Pressure Drop Behavior of High Porosity Gasoline Particulate Filters Andrea Strzelec 2017 CLEERS Workshop
The Effects of Long Term Sulfur Exposure on Three Way Catalyst Performance in Passive Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems Calvin Thomas 2017 CLEERS Workshop
Filter wall-scale experiments to evaluate the impact of particle morphology on capture efficiency in a ceramic particulate filter Sandeep Viswanathan 2017 CLEERS Workshop
NOx abatement – 1D/3D simulation of urea dosing and selective catalytic reduction Johann Wurzenberger 2017 CLEERS Workshop
GPF Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimization Investigation Pengze Yang 2017 CLEERS Workshop
Experimental Study and Numerical Interpretation on the Temperature Field of DPF during Active Regeneration with Hydrocarbon Injection Jun Zhang 2017 CLEERS Workshop
Numerical modeling of thermal effects in catalytic converters with and without CleanalyticTM technology Sherif Abdou 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Design & Validation of a Versatile Bench Scale reactor Colton Barnes 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Evaluation of Mixed Oxide Catalysts for Lean Diesel Applications Andrew Binder 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Development of a global kinetic model for a commercial Lean NOx Trap based on laboratory measurements Richard Blint 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Effect of Air-Fuel Ratio on Engine-Out Exhaust Hydrocarbon Species from a Direct Injected Gasoline Engine Stanislav Bohac 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Response Characteristics of Stable Mixed-Potential NH3 Sensors in Diesel Engine Exhaust Eric Brosha 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Comparison of soot issued from diesel and naphtha combustion Christophe Chaillou 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Zeolite Supported Pd Catalysts for Low Temperature NO and HC storage Hai-Ying Chen 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Tier 3 Final Rule Susan Collet 2016 CLEERS Workshop
A study of the soot burning efficiency of an SCRF® catalyst vs a CSF during active regeneration events Lasitha Cumaranatunge 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Bifurcation features of mixtures containing CO and hydrocarbons in DOC. Rama Krishna Dadi 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Mechanistic insights into the emission and trapping of mobile species during sintering of Pt based diesel oxidation catalysts Abhaya Datye 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Investigation of Urea Derived Deposits Composition in SCR Systems Scott Eakle 2016 CLEERS Workshop
Tailor-Designed Oxidation Catalysts for Lean/Low Temperature Combustion Engines William Epling 2016 CLEERS Workshop