CLEERS Workshops are annual meetings open to all those who are interested in understanding and simulating the performance of exhaust emission control devices under realistic operating conditions. The Workshops provide an informal, focused forum to:

  • share recent experimental and computational simulation experience with advanced aftertreatment technologies;
  • enhance emissions control research collaborations among industry, universities, and DOE national labs; and
  • identify the most pressing pre-competitive research priorities for emissions control.

Presentations from prior CLEERS Workshops are available below.

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Presentation Title Name Workshop Name
Modeling and simulation of three-way catalysts Tariq Shamim Workshop 1
DOE Goals and Perspectives on Lean-Burn Emissions Controls Gurpreet Singh Workshop 1
Need for Full System Simulation of Emissions Control and Aftertreatment Kevin Sisken Workshop 1
Engine-out and Tailpipe Emission Prediction via Cycle Simulation Kevin Sisken Workshop 1
HC Speciation of Diesel Exhaust John Storey Workshop 1
System Emission Reduction Analysis Matthew Thornton Workshop 1
Micro-kinetics modeling in the development of aftertreatment systems Bob Weber Workshop 1