CLEERS Workshops are annual meetings open to all those who are interested in understanding and simulating the performance of exhaust emission control devices under realistic operating conditions. The Workshops provide an informal, focused forum to:

  • share recent experimental and computational simulation experience with advanced aftertreatment technologies;
  • enhance emissions control research collaborations among industry, universities, and DOE national labs; and
  • identify the most pressing pre-competitive research priorities for emissions control.

Presentations from prior CLEERS Workshops are available below.

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Presentation Title Name Workshop Name
Update on lean gasoline NOx control at ORNL Vitaly Prikhodko 2019 Workshop
Enhancing the application and activity of Cu-SSZ-13 through inclusion of a secondary mixed metal oxide Kenneth Rappe 2019 Workshop
Insights into NO Adsorption and Desorption phenomena on Pd-Exchanged Zeolite Passive NOx Adsorbers Sreshtha Sinha Majumdar 2019 Workshop
Improving PNA performance by understanding the chemistry and hydrothermal stability of Pd-loaded zeolites with different framework structures Janos Szanyi 2019 Workshop
Effect of Reductants and H2O on the NOx Storage Performance of Zeolite-Based Low Temperature NOx Adsorbers Joseph Theis 2019 Workshop
Reduced-Order Models with Local Property Dependent Transfer Coefficients for Real Time Simulation of Monolith Reactors Mingjie Tu 2019 Workshop
PGM utilization & replacement Xinyi Wei 2019 Workshop
Hybrid Passenger Car Emissions – A concept study by means of simulation Johann Wurzenberger 2019 Workshop
Capability of SCRT® Configuration to Achieve Ultra Low NOx Standards Liu Yang 2019 Workshop
Understanding and modeling of aging is the key challenge for commercial vehicles Aleksey Yezerets 2019 Workshop
An Asymptotic Solution for Washcoat Pore Diffusion in Catalytic Monoliths: Reformulation and Extension to Small Concentrations Edward Bissett 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Ammonia Preparation in the Tailpipe: Spray/Wall Interaction and Deposit Formation Marion Börnhorst 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Development of a test protocol for evaluation of methane oxidation catalysts Gianni Caravaggio 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Emission Control Challenges and Opportunities for Hybrid Vehicle Hai-Ying Chen 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Pd/Zeolite Passive HC/NOx Adsorbers Mark Crocker 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Global kinetic model for predicting HC slip from Diesel Oxidation Catalysts during active regeneration of soot Rama Krishna Dadi 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Impacts of fuel stratification on particulate matter formation and properties during ACI Engine operation Melanie DeBusk 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Revisiting Effects of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Co-cation Additives to Cu/SSZ-13 Standard Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalysts Feng Gao 2018 CLEERS Workshop
Reaction Kinetics for TWC Light-off Andrew (Bean) Getsoian 2018 CLEERS Workshop
CO effects on Pd-BEA and Pd-ZSM-5 as model catalysts for passive NOx adsorption Yuntao Gu 2018 CLEERS Workshop