Development of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst for Low Temperature Aromatic Oxidation

Jin Hee  Lee, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been known to be one of the major contributors to air pollution. High amount of VOCs (unburned hydrocarbons) would be emitted from automobile engines during cold start. Catalytic oxidation is a promising way to remove VOCs and highly desirable to proceed at low temperature due to concerning for energy savings, operating cost and environmental issue. Platinum group metals (PGMs) are widely employed as an active component for the catalytic oxidation of VOCs due to good oxidation capability, while it is very expensive.  Since transition metal oxides have also been known to be good oxidation catalysts, they may be rival to PGM based catalysts for VOC removal.  In this work, we synthesized various cerium zirconium mixed oxides (CZ) containing other transient metals and evaluated their catalytic activity by aromatic oxidation. CZ catalysts containing Cu and other non-PGMs were potential candidate for replacing PGM catalyst for low temperature HC oxidation.

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