Kinetic Modeling of Hydrothermal Aging on Cu-SSZ-13 for NH3-SCR

Lai  Wei, University of Virginia

Lai Wei, Yu-Ren Chen, Yuntao Gu, Silvia Marino, William S. Epling

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia


Cu-SSZ-13 is considered an efficient selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx catalyst for diesel after-treatment systems. In terms of degradation, hydrothermal aging (HTA) is one of the commonly shown deactivation factors. In this study, a kinetic model for Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst including hydrothermal aging was developed. The migration of Cu species during HTA, as well as different SCR mechanisms at low-temperature and high-temperature, was considered. Flow reactor test results were used for parameter estimation and verification. Characterization results were used for catalyst site density measurement. As a result, this model is able to simulate the performance of mildly hydrothermally aged Cu-SSZ-13 catalysts.

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