An exhaust catalyst simulator (ExhCatSim)

Zhiming  Gao, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The poster introduces an exhaust catalyst simulator (i.e. ExhCatSim) that enables rapid identification of cost-effective emission control solutions and provides an efficient approach for speeding up catalyst research, development, and commercialization. ExhCatSim includes comprehensive physics-based catalyst component models for monolithic flow-through catalysts (including TWC, DOC, SCRs, LNT/PNA, ASC, HC Trap) and monolithic particulate filters. The simulation tool also provides urea-injector models and models for pipes, cones and junctions which are used to connect upstream and downstream catalysts. In addition, ExhCatSim provides vehicle & aftertreatment-in-the-loop or engine & aftertreatment-in-the-loop configuration models to evaluate the performance of diverse catalysts and their appropriate combinations. Simulations can be performed to evaluate the catalyst system’s impact on energy savings and emissions control for vehicle or engine transient test cycles (including cold and hot starts). ExhCatSim is expected to be either an independent software tool or an add-in application that can be integrated into an existing commercial software package. The technology will provide developers of emissions control systems an alternative tool that will reduce costs while improving performance, throughout the process lifecycle.

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