Mercedes 1.7-liter DOC+LNT system with intracatalyst speciation

Brian  West, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Category: Engine and Vehicles Data
Technology: DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), LNT (Lean NOx Trap)


Exhaust speciation of a DOC-LNT system including intracatalyst samples. Fresh catalysts examined. Mercedes 1.7l engine operated with in-cylinder rich mode for LNT regeneration. Data from two strategies (“DEM” and “P80”). Exhaust speciation includes H2, CO, HC, CO2, O2. Experiments conducted at ORNL as part of DOE sponsored “Measurement and Characterization of NOx Adsorber Regeration and Desulfation” project.

Readme File: CLEERS_MCNARD_2006_data_Readme.pdf

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Submission Date: 2006-05-25