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CLEERS Teleconference: Yong Miao, General Motors

2018-10-17 @ 11:00 - 12:00 EDT

Title: A Study of Soot Oxidation for GPF Applications

Yong Miao, John Johnson, Rafat Hattar and Wei Li
General Motors


Gasoline particulate filters (GPF) could be a critical component to meet future more stringent emission regulations for particulate matter (PM) and particulate count (PN). Better understanding the GPF physical behavior due to soot loading change can help to optimize GPF performance and develop more accurate control models.

This presentation focuses on the soot oxidation kinetics, which is one of the critical factors for GPF regen (soot burning) and temperature control.  In this study, to ensure proper representation of real applications, the soot sample was collected from a real engine.

Soot oxidation tests were carried out in a lab reactor with controlled conditions, so it minimizes the noise and uncertainties from engine dyno/vehicle GPF tests.  Test results showed distinct soot oxidation behavior than those reported in literature with commercially available soot; also the pre-treatment of the soot sample could change the soot oxidation behavior.

Based on the test result, the soot chemical properties and oxygen diffusion impact on the reaction will be discussed.


11:00 - 12:00 EDT
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