Using an Integrated System Model to Simulate a Diesel Engine with Exhaust Aftertreatment

Stephen  England, UW-ERC

An integrated system model containing sub-models for diesel engine, emissions, and aftertreatment devices has been developed. The emissions sub-models used are for NOx and soot prediction. The aftertreatment sub-models currently used include a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The sub-models have been developed separately and come from a variety of different sources. The engine model is in WAVE, the emissions models are in Matlab, the DPF model is in FORTRAN, and the DOC model is in Simulink. Matlab Simulink is used to integrate the existing sub-models into an overall system model. To provide for the maximum utility of the integrated model, the sub-models are modular. This modular format allows the integrated model to be easily modified. For example, the aftertreatment sub-models can be easily added and/or rearranged allowing studies of different configurations and operating scenarios.

Some of the challenges in bringing the component sub-models together into one integrated model will be discussed. Also, simulation results showing the affects of DPF loading and regeneration on engine operation will be presented.

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