Coupling 1-D Aftertreatment Models with 3-D Flow and Solid Heat Conduction Simulations in STAR-CD

Mike  Weaver, CD-adapco

Coupling of a STAR-CD DPF model and a 1-D DOC Model and shared library from XMR coupled to a 3-D monolith and flow field for the DOC will be presented. This configuration has been run on a one million cell exhaust aftertreatment simulation. The coupling captures reaction heat, species concentrations and diffusion in the 3D model flow field, monolith heat transfer, monolith thermal properties, and channel flow resistance. Validations of coupling and conservation of these physics will be presented. Also presented will be the preprocessing and set-up of these models and the post processing tools we have developed to date. This methodology is beginning beta testing on production simulations.

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