Emission Control Science and Technology Special Issue: 2018 CLEERS Workshop, September 18-20, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

A Review of the 2018 U.S.-DOE CLEERS Conference: Trends and Deeper Insights in Reduction of NOx and Particulate in Diesel and Gasoline Engines and Advances in Catalyst Materials, Mechanisms, and Emission Control Technologies
M. Masoudi, J. Hensel, E. Tegeler

Passive SCR Performance Under Pseudo-Transient Cycle: Challenges and Opportunities for Meeting Tier 3 Emissions
Vitaly Y. Prikhodko, Josh A. Pihl, Todd J. Toops, James E. Parks II

Aftertreatment protocols for catalyst characterization and performance evaluation: low temperature oxidation, storage, three-way, and NH3-SCR catalyst test protocols
Kenneth G. Rappé, Craig DiMaggio, Josh A. Pihl, Joseph R. Theis, Se H. Oh, Galen B. Fisher, Jim Parks, Vencon G. Easterling, Ming Yang, Mark L. Stewart, Kenneth C. Howden

Palladium/Zeolite Low Temperature Passive NOx Adsorbers (PNA): Structure-Adsorption Property Relationships for Hydrothermally Aged PNA Materials
Konstantin Khivantsev, Nicholas R. Jaegers, Libor Kovarik, Jian Zhi Hu, Feng Gao, Yong Wang, János Szanyi

Impacts of Air-Fuel Stratification in ACI Combustion on Particulate Matter and Gaseous Emissions
Melanie Moses-DeBusk, Scott J. Curran, Samuel A. LewisSr, R. Maggie Connatser, John M. E. Storey

Effect of Reductants on the NOx Storage Performance of a Pd/CZO Low Temperature NOx Adsorber
Joseph R. Theis, Christine K. Lambert

Impact of Lubricant Oil Additives on the Performance of Pd-Based Three-Way Catalysts
Daekun Kim, Todd J. Toops, Ke Nguyen, D. William Brookshear, Michael J. Lance, Jun Qu

Model-Based Analysis of TWC-Coated Filters Performance
M. A. Mitsouridis, D. Karamitros, G. Koltsakis

Cu Loading Dependence of Fast NH3-SCR on Cu/SSZ-13
Yanran Cui, Feng Gao

Comparison of NOx Adsorption/Desorption Behaviors over Pd/CeO2 and Pd/SSZ-13 as Passive NOx Adsorbers for Cold Start Application
Yongwoo Kim, Sungha Hwang, Jaeha Lee, YoungSeok Ryou, Hyokyoung Lee, Chang Hwan Kim, Do Heui Kim