Dear CLEERS Participants:


Due to substantial reductions in funding of the DOE VTO Advanced Engine and Fuel Technologies Program and a shift in programmatic focus to decarbonization of non-road (off-road, rail, marine, and aviation) sectors, ORNL no longer has sufficient resources to support CLEERS activities.


You may have already noticed that the CLEERS teleconferences have been discontinued.


Unfortunately, there will also be no CLEERS Workshop this year. We hope to create a CLEERS session or symposium as part of another conference, but we are still working out the details. We will provide an update when we have additional information.


We intend to leave the CLEERS website up for now.


Thank you for your engagement in CLEERS over the past two decades. It would not have been a success without your involvement. We look forward to future interactions.


With best regards,


The ORNL CLEERS coordination team

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