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8th CLEERS Workshop

2005-05-17 - 2005-05-19

Emphasized topic areas:

  • Diesel Particle Filters
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • Lean NOx Traps
  • Synergies between these three components in actual systems


  • Provide technical updates on the latest developments for these technologies and corresponding simulation tools
  • Enhance emissions control collaboration among industry, government and universities
  • Improve and update recognition of key research priorities


CLEERS workshops are intended as relatively informal but tightly focused forums for sharing recent research results on understanding and simulating lean exhaust emissions control. Joint participation by researchers in government, universities, and industry is encouraged. This is the 8th workshop in a series sponsored by the DOE Office of FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies and the DOE Diesel Crosscut Team. The results of the workshop discussions, especially the all-participant discussion at the end, will be documented for the DOE Office of Transportation Technology (OTT) for consideration in improving R&D priorities and technical focus in DOE-supported transportation programs.

About Workshop 8

The 8th CLEERS workshop will be hosted by University of Michigan at their Dearborn Campus in Detroit from May 17th through 19th, 2005. Diesel particulate filters (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and lean NOx traps (LNT’s) will be the major discussion themes, but it is also anticipated that there will be important updates on synergies among these components in actual systems. As with the previous CLEERS workshops, this will be a public meeting open to all who are interested in the most recent developments in understanding and simulating the performance of these devices under realistic conditions.

The workshop agenda will include invited presentations by internationally prominent researchers. Contributed presentations of 20-30 minutes are also invited from interested parties.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

7:00 a.m.Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:00 a.m.Welcome and Introduction
8:45 a.m.Invited Talk: Soot Nanostructure: Definition, Quantification and ImplicationsRandy Vander Wal, NCSER c/o NASA-Glenn
9:45 a.m.Morphology and Microstructures of Diesel ParticulatesKyeong Lee, Argonne National Laboratory
10:15 a.m.Coffee Break
10:30 a.m.Invited Talk: Visualization on Reaction of Diesel Particulates in Regeneration of DPFKatsunori Hanamura, Tokyo Institute of Technology
11:30 a.m. Current Progress and Future Challenges in Diesel Particulate Filtration SystemsAthanasios Konstandopoulos, APT Lab, CERTH/CPERI
12:00 noonOn-Site Working Lunch (with discussions and Q&A on morning presentations)
1:00 p.m.DPF Studies at the University of WisconsinDavid Foster, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1:30 p.m.Experimental Plan to Develop DPF MapsAndrea Strzelec, University of Wisconsin Engine Research Center
2:00 p.m. Micro-scale Modeling of Diesel Particulate Filters: Progress and Current ChallengesMark Stewart, PNNL
2:30 p.m. Fully Transient One-Dimensional Based Diesel Particulate Filter Modeling Including Catalytic Surface ReactionsChristopher Depcik, University of Michigan
3:00 p.m. The Development of the MTU 1-D 2-Layer Model to Simulate a Johnson Matthey CCRTMohammed Hasan, Michigan Technological University
3:30 p.m.Coffee Break
3:45 p.m.A General Approach for Modeling Exhaust Aftertreatment SystemsAlan Mueller, CD-adapco
4:15 p.m.Techno-economic modeling to project 2007-2020 market shares of heavy duty powertrainsRobert Weber, TIAX LLC
4:45 p.m.Integral Approach for Optimum Operation of Diesel After Treatment DevicesNaeim Henein, Wayne State University
5:15 p.m.End of first day sessions

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

7:00 a.m.Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:00 a.m.Welcome and Introduction
8:15 a.m.Invited Talk: EPA Perspective on LNT Aging and DurabilityChuck Schenk, EPA
9:15 a.m. Global Kinetic Modelling of a Supplier Barium and Potassium containing Lean NOx TrapRichard Blint, General Motors
9:45 a.m. Fundamental Studies of NOx Adsorber MaterialsCharles H. F. Peden, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:15 a.m.Coffee Break
10:30 a.m. Invited Talk: Commercial LNT Formulation: A View from InsideOwen Bailey, Umicore Autocat USA Inc.
11:30 a.m. LNT Catalyst Test Methods: Round Robin Testing at Six LabsJohn Hoard, Ford Research Labs
11:45 a.m. Practical Issues in Characterizing LNT MaterialsStuart Daw, ORNL
12:00 noonOn-Site Working Lunch (with discussions and Q&A on morning presentations)
1:00 p.m.Invited Talk: LNT studies at CumminsNeal Currier, Cummins, Inc.
2:00 p.m. Lean NOx Trap DeactivationTodd Toops, ORNL
2:30 p.m.Combining Theory and Experiments in Studies of Structural Changes in LNT MaterialsChaitanya Narula, ORNL
3:00 p.m.Electron Microscopy of LNT Materials: Microstructural Changes with AgingLawrence Allard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
3:30 p.m.Coffee Break
3:45 p.m. Spatially-resolved in situ measurements of transient species breakthrough during low-temperature regeneration of a Pt/K/Al2O3 lean NOx trapJae-Soon Choi, ORNL
4:15 p.m. Lean NOx Trap Regeneration Studies on a Light-Duty Diesel Engine with In-Cylinder Air-to-Fuel ControlJames Parks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
4:45 p.m.End of second day sessions
7:00 p.m.No-Host Dinner

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

7:00 a.m.Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:00 a.m.Welcome and Introduction
8:15 a.m. Invited Talk: Zeolite catalysts for Urea SCROliver Krocher, Paul Scherrer Institute
9:15 a.m.Ford/DOE SCR Program UpdateChristine Lambert, Ford Research Labs
9:45 a.m.Comparison of ammonia continuous measurement techniques from an SCR vehicleHajime Ishii, National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory
10:15 a.m.Coffee Break
10:30 a.m.Invited Talk: The Case for Selective Ammonia Oxidation Catalysts in On Road SCR SystemsJoseph Patchett, Engelhard Corporation
11:30 a.m.Urea decomposition and storage under light-duty operating conditionsJohn Storey, ORNL
12:00 noonOn-Site Working Lunch (with discussions and Q&A on morning presentations)
1:00 p.m.Studies of urea spray dynamics in SCR systemsCliff Kowall, Hilite International
1:30 p.m. Invited Talk: Accelerated Catalyst DiscoveryJonathon Male, GE
2:30 p.m.Update on HC-SCR combinatorial studiesRichard Blint, General Motors
3:00 p.m. Recent Results for HC-SCR Using Ag-Alumina and Cu-ZeolitesEdward Jobson, Mack /Volvo
3:30 p.m. Modeling SCR on zeolite catalysts: a summary of observations on SCR kinetics based on the open literatureKalyana Chakravarthy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
4:00 p.m.End of third day sessions


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