CLEERS Workshops are annual meetings open to all those who are interested in understanding and simulating the performance of exhaust emission control devices under realistic operating conditions. The Workshops provide an informal, focused forum to:

  • share recent experimental and computational simulation experience with advanced aftertreatment technologies;
  • enhance emissions control research collaborations among industry, universities, and DOE national labs; and
  • identify the most pressing pre-competitive research priorities for emissions control.

Presentations from prior CLEERS Workshops are available below.

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Presentation Title Name Workshop Name
Lean NOx Trap Regeneration Studies on a Light-Duty Diesel Engine with In-Cylinder Air-to-Fuel Control James Parks Workshop 8
The Case for Selective Ammonia Oxidation Catalysts in On Road SCR Systems Joseph Patchett Workshop 8
Fundamental Studies of NOx Adsorber Materials Charles H. F. Peden Workshop 8
EPA Perspective on LNT Aging and Durability Chuck Schenk Workshop 8
Urea decomposition and storage under light-duty operating conditions John Storey Workshop 8
Experimental Plan to Develop DPF Maps Andrea Strzelec Workshop 8
Lean NOx Trap Deactivation Todd Toops Workshop 8
Soot Nanostructure: Definition, Quantification and Implications Randy Vander Wal Workshop 8
Techno-economic modeling to project 2007-2020 market shares of heavy duty powertrains Robert Weber Workshop 8
Fundamental Aspects of Lean-Burn Hydrocarbon Selective Catalytic Reduction Robbie Burch Workshop 7
Modeling Lean Phase Kinetics for NO and NO2 in Lean NOx Traps Kalyana Chakravarthy Workshop 7
One-dimensional Catalyst Modeling and its Application to Urea SCR Devices Christopher Depcik Workshop 7
Advantages of using ArvinMeritor’s Plasma Fuel Reformer for desulfating a NOx Adsorber Navin Khadiya Workshop 7
Ford/DOE SCR Program Update Christine Lambert Workshop 7
Engine/Dyno Testing of In-Cylinder LNT Regeneration Strategies Katey Lenox Workshop 7
Regeneration Characteristics of Diesel Particulate Filters under Transient Exhaust Conditions Tariq Shamim Workshop 7
Discrete Particle Modeling of Diesel Soot Filtration Mark Stewart Workshop 7
Experimental Speciation of Urea SCR Exhaust John Storey Workshop 7
Wisconsin Aftertreatment System Model Andrea Strzelec Workshop 7
SCR Performance Modeling Using the AVL FIRE CFD Code Matthew Thornton Workshop 7